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Author: Jules Verne

ISBN 13: 9789388369718, ISBN 10:

Publisher: FP Classics

Publish Date: 2019

Categories: Fiction

456 Pages

After several maritime casualties, and many vessels spotting a mysterious monstrous creature in the waters, the United States government arranges for an expedition to chase and destroy this creature. Pierre Aronnax, a professor at the Paris Museum, and his faithful servant Conseil, join the others aboard the Abraham Lincoln and set out on their search. As a series of adventures follows, will they be able to find this sea monster? One of the debut adventure novels, 20,000 Leaques Under the Sea is Jules Verne's masterpiece. Published more than a century ago, this classic science fiction continues to be praised by its readers. This edition is a complete and unabridged translation by F. P. Walter.

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