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About Rockying

An e-magazine for creative young minds, Rockying is an amalgamation of information and entertainment. We wish to reach young readers who vow to work for a cause and stay updated with various developments across the world. Hungry for content, we hope to spread fun. Come, explore the world with us!

Rockying is branch-out of RudraSofttech LLP, a software corporation based in Delhi that was launched in 2009. We are fresh and we are promising! Over a short span, Rudra Softtech has been engaged in providing a wide array of innovative technology solutions and services to a broad base of consumers — Rockying being our newest idea.

You would come across all kinds of content here — travel, Bollywood Masalas, some serious study on Hollywood cinema, food, internet, health, Fashion tips, etc (We are on an expansion spree, so do not be surprised to see new stuff coming up from our team of experienced bloggers and writers!)

Our section Initiative is a perfect nom de plume for Rockying! This segment throws light on real people, real stories and real initiatives. Big or small, if it is an initiative towards a better society, Rockying salutes you!

Our Inspiration...

To begin with Rockying is extremely choosy about filtering information. We do not simply hunt for content, the content finds us! At Rockying, we are extremely fussy about what we present to our reader. We do not simply throw information; our motto is to find stories that are interesting, add value to life and increase our knowledge base. We think differently, in a way that inspires our readers to learn more, do more and create more.

So what keeps us going? Rocky himself!

Rocky We have named the website after our little brown-eyed pup. We are here to do what he does best — discover fun even in the drabbest of situations! Curiosity, thirst for fun and a hunger to explore are a few qualities that we share with Rocky.

Words of Wisdom

In today’s world our sole objective is to make the best use of time to stay abreast with the blistering pace of the globe. We at Rockying hope to inspire our readers to make the best use of their time and live life the fullest.

Rockying will always endeavor to keep you interested!! So, stop by and. discover fun.