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History of The Shoe!

Fashion story written by Vratika Singh

History of the shoe...

Most Beautiful Sarees Around The Country

Fashion story written by Preeti Singh

Rs. 50,00,000 (100,000$) Saree

I have to find her

Thriller story written by Manu

Zombie horror thriller story


Fiction story written by Manu

A beggar witnesses a supernatural event which changes his life forever.

Time Travelers Dilemma

Science Fiction story written by Manu

“People would do anything for each other when they are in love, I don’t know what kind of love you believe in, which justifies stalking a person but not helping her in need”, she said. Her angry face made those words hurt even more.

बेचारा मुझे मारना चाहता था

Thriller story written by Vivek Pandey

This short story is about a guy who killed an innocent person only because of his habit of over thinking.

Galee Terror

Horror story written by Amelia

Arya’s life will forever change after a haunting experience, but what will she do when the the choices are kill or pain?

Never Forget Me!

Horror story written by Amelia

Follows the journey of a family desperate to bring a young man into this world. They are so full of desperation that it drives them to commit unspeakable acts. What price will they have to pay for the son they've always wanted?

Fog of the Heart

Romance story written by Tanya Shrivastava

A sweet enemies to lover short story

Nightmares and Memories

Thriller story written by Tanya Shrivastava

After a family tragedy, Avery gets stuck in her dreams every time she sleeps

लेगो का डिब्बा

Kids story written by Manu

Missing Lego Box of Rishi

ऋषि की साइकिल

Kids story written by Manu

Rishi Ki Cycle

Everything You Need to Know About Plastic Pollution and How India is Fighting It to Save Mother Earth

Awareness story written by Ranjan Yadav

The theme of World Environment Day (organized by the United Nations on 5th of June every year) hosted by India in 2018 was #BeatPlasticPollution. The message to protect our Environment was communicated as, “if you can’t reuse it, refuse...

There is no Way You are Right about these 12 Most Basic Facts About the World. Are You?

Awareness story written by Team Rockying

Do you know that the life expectancy of the world today is 70 years? The number for India being 68. The largest driving factor in life expectancy isn't the longevity of a country's oldest citizens but...


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