• Find a Way to my Heart

    Thriller story written by KnighT

    A woman aims to win back her husband, and save her marriage; her plans work out, lethally.

  • Plagiarism Alert: Most Popular Copied Bollywood Posters-2

    Bollywood story written by Hajra Khatoon

    Plagiarism is all over now! In the second edition of Bollywood's copied posters, we bring to you some more popular Bollywood bills and their sources of origination.

  • Illicit desires

    Mystery story written by Ed

    Meghan falls in love with her long lost sister, Nancy. which she recently found about. They had come together in recent terms of their father's death, Ethan, the boyfriend to Nancy, is the murderer of their father, What will Meghan do?


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  • In Sync

    Erotic story written by Ed

    what happens when the one thing Alex had always wanted gets ripped away from her by a lover she couldn't destroy? Alex's romantic surprise turns to a nightmare when her husband is murdered in cold blood.

  • Agent 33: Council To Evil

    Thriller story written by Dammyl1971

    A young female spy faces a tough challenge in the form of robots, ruffians...and water!

  • बेचारा मुझे मारना चाहता था

    Thriller story written by Vivek Pandey

    This short story is about a guy who killed an innocent person only because of his habit of over thinking.

  • Galee Terror

    Horror story written by Amelia

    Arya’s life will forever change after a haunting experience, but what will she do when the the choices are kill or pain?

  • Never Forget Me!

    Horror story written by Amelia

    Follows the journey of a family desperate to bring a young man into this world. They are so full of desperation that it drives them to commit unspeakable acts. What price will they have to pay for the son they've always wanted?

  • Fog of the Heart

    Romance story written by Tanya Shrivastava

    A sweet enemies to lover short story