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Graduate from Reader to Member

Initiative story written by Raj Kiran Singh

Graduate from Reader to Member

Rockying Bollywood Quiz- I

Bollywood story written by Rockying

Test your self with the most interesting film-quiz accumulation..."Its Bollywood-Gyan at Rockying" time folks!

Best Brother in Bollywood

Bollywood story written by Hajra Khatoon

Known for their protectiveness towards their siblings, their ability to a toughie outside and a softie at heart and their ability to make sure that their siblings have the best of everything; brothers have always played a significant role in cinema.

Most Spicy Foods In The World !

Food story written by Vratika Singh

Suicide chicken wings from America

How your brain ages

Health story written by Manu

Its no surprise that our brains change as we age; however, new studies report that mental decline may start around age 45. There are several things you can do to make sure your brain stays healthy.

Most Beautiful Sarees Around The Country

Fashion story written by Preeti Singh

Rs. 50,00,000 (100,000$) Saree

Monsoon Fashion

Fashion story written by Hajra

If you have your hands full and want to have it all in one, then go for a hooded raincoat. Saves you the trouble of having to carry an umbrella and you have your hands free!

Cult Classics Of Bollywood-III

Bollywood story written by Aditi Dasgupta

We bring you some pages from the history of Indian cinema. Modern and experimental cinema will always find their roots in classics in terms of plots and direction. With a fresh perspective, here are the five most popular classics revisited.

Golden Ages Of Hollywood Story-Telling!

Hollywood story written by Sonali Chowdhury

It is the story telling genres in Hollywood that has given us all our own personal favorites and golden ages of Hollywood, actor and actresses and here is a short recap of the evolution it has gone through over the years.

Clean, The Healthy, Quick Way!

Do It Your Self story written by Hajra Khatoon

Here are some easy tricks and tips that make cleaning easier and make sure the shine goes up a notch. Get cleaning, the easy way!

Lost In Ladakh!

Travel story written by Sonali Chowdhury

One of India’s most visited places and an absolute must-see for every traveler, Ladakh is an intriguing and bewitching “moonscape” of craggy hills, soft snow and surprising sand dunes.

The Modern Indian Inventors

Initiative story written by Preeti Singh

Life gave them lemons. And they turned them into as perfect lemonades. They are the ones that felt the necessity to invent. They took the initiative to not only mend their own torn shoes but also the society’s.

Sunglasses: Dress Your Eye In Style

Fashion story written by Hajra Khatoon

We look into the sunglasses - huge, small, oversized and yet fashionable and trendy. To make you look glam and be safe from the glare at the same time!

Hollywood’s Best Zombie Entertainment !!!

Hollywood story written by Sonali Chowdhury

They look gross, are pretty dumb and their vocabulary is limited to different kinds of growling alone, Hollywood’s Best Zombie movies and films!

Namaste India V : Binsar

Travel story written by Aditi Dasgupta

A small cottage you would find on your way to Zero Point. Binsar hill station in uttarakhand India.

The Serene, The Wild Himalayan Destination: Binsar (Uttarakhand)

Travel story written by Aditi Dasgupta

Binsar has been a true case of a road less travelled for not many people know about it.

The New 'French Village' Puducherry!

Travel story written by Aditi Dasgupta

If it is a destination unknown and your next big escapade from piles of work, Pondicherry now called Puducherry (meaning ‘new village’ in Tamil), is your perfect remedy.

They Did it, So Can You! Celebrity Weight Loss and How They Did It.

Health story written by Hajra Khatoon

We bring to you a little bit about some celebrities who lost weight and also how they did it. Here’s hoping this will get you up and running!

Skirts For All Body Types

Fashion story written by Sonali Chowdhury

From the first straw woven wrap around created in ancient Armenia in 3900 BC to the modern day Sarongs and Fishtails, Skirts have always been the garment of choice for an independent and confident female.

Cult Classics of Bollywood- IV

Bollywood story written by Hajra Khatoon

Balraj Sahni in Garm Hawa, the best ever partition film was made in the 70s. Another glorious decade of Bollywood. In continuation with our previous edition of cult classics we bring to you some more handpicked delicacies of Hindi cinema...

Namaste India IV: Lucknow

Travel story written by Preeti Singh

A Long Shot of the Bada Imaambara, built in 1784 by Asaf-ud-Daula, this is among the grandest buildings of Lucknow.

Defeat Depression on World Mental Health Day!

Health story written by Hajra Khatoon

10th October is World Mental Health Day. The day raises awareness and promotes open discussion about mental illnesses and related problems.

The Way Of The Vegetarian

Health story written by Parikshit Bhardwaj

Salad or chicken? Is it really that hard to decide? Actually, no! If you think the world would be a lesser place without all things non-vegetarian, read on...

17 Interesting Facts About Your Feet

Awareness story written by Preeti Singh

17 Interesting Facts About Your Feet

Quiz 2: The Killer Dialogues!

Bollywood story written by Preeti Singh

Who is the Babu Moshai in Rajesh Khanna's famous dialogue "Babu Moshai zindagi lambi nahin badi honi chahiye"? Answer now!

Quiz 3: Testing the Bollywood Know-how!

Bollywood story written by Preeti Singh

Rachel Shelley, the English actress in Oscar nominated Lagaan. Can you tell who sang for her in the film?

Quiz 4: The Mothers of Bollywood

Bollywood story written by Digant Kumar

Times will change so will the Bollywood mothers but one thing that will persist is their motherhood. Long live mommies! Which mother do you think rocks the most?

Quiz 5: The Times of Yash Raj Chopra

Bollywood story written by Preeti Singh

Yash Chopra died soon after finishing direction of a movie, though not being able to complete one of his conceived songs. What profession does the protagonist play in the film?

Puri : Goa of the East

Travel story written by Neelakshi Chakraborty

Puri in Orissa is one of the most underrated travel destinations in India. Tucked away in one of the easternmost states of India, it is a quaint seaside town which seems to be stuck in a time warp of sorts.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Time To Go Pink!

Awareness story written by Hajra Khatoon

October is known for many things - for global hand-washing day, for Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, but what it will be now known for is probably being the Pink Month!

Music, Sufism and The Modern Fusion

Music story written by Rohit Gupta

Shadow and light are the two forces which fill the fervor in music. As politics of hatred is eclipsing humanity and world is entering the troubled waters of religious tyranny, with the growth of neo-fundamentalism; the revival of Sufi Music in India

The Magical Brush: Evolution of Make-up in Hollywood

Hollywood story written by Sonali Chowdhury

An essential part of movie making and one of the most powerful visual tools in the hand of the makers is the subtle and often underrated art of make-up evolution in Hollywood movies and films.

Most Beautiful Buildings in the World

Travel story written by Hajra Khatoon

What comes to your mind when we say beautiful buildings? Do you instantly think of Taj Mahal or the Red Fort or the Pantheon?

Brief history of Ice Cream

Food story written by Vratika Singh

Origin of Ice Cream

Healthy New Year Resolutions to Make

Health story written by Hajra Khatoon

The year is at an end. It means time for resolutions! Time to think about what we promise ourselves this year, things we plan to change for a better us. So why not promise yourself and your body someone healthy this year. Read More...

New Year Traditions Around The World

Festivals story written by Vratika Singh

The Dutch burn bonfires of Christmas tree on the street and launch fireworks. The fires are meant to purge the old and welcome the new.

Good Uses of Salt

Do It Your Self story written by Vratika

Same very good uses of salt

Top 9 Bollywood Celebrities Who Did Movies for Free.

Bollywood story written by Gurpreet [Reader Submission]

Remember we had come across a news where Shahid Kapoor had decided that he would not...

Salman Khan Is Back As Tiger and Fans are Going Crazy About His Stunts

Bollywood story written by Nikitha [Reader Submission]

Tiger Zinda Hai is among those fantasy movies which contain a simple story but highly rely on...

When an Indian Visits the War Museum in Jaisalmer

Travel story written by Raj Kiran Singh

I have always wondered why, when it comes to matters of my nation, the heart seems to...

प्रेम और सिनेमा: कहानी पूरी फ़िल्मी है!

Bollywood story written by Preeti Singh Chauhan

For our fellow Hindi readers. Is your love story "total filmy"?

कोक स्टूडियो सुनो, बस खो जाओ !

Music story written by Rohit Gupta

Best Coke Studio Season 10 Selection People...

Quiz 6: Killer Dialogues of Bollywood II

Bollywood story written by Rockying

This is the toughest Bollywood dialogue quiz you have ever played! Do you think you have it in you?

Ankit Tiwari's Journey from a Small Town to Bollywood Film Industry

Music story written by Neeraj Sharma [Guest Post]

A special mention in the life of Ankit Tiwari, brother Ankur (Tiwari) has always been a constant support. Taking care of all the management, Ankur made sure his brother could focus entirely on his singing career.

ये सरल, घरेलू उपाय अपनाकर चक्कर खाकर गिरने से बचें!

Health story written by Rockying

Cure Vertigo or Giddiness using Amla and these Rockying home remedies...

आधुनिक राग; भारतीय शास्त्रीय संगीत और सिनेमा का संगम

Music story written by Preeti Singh Chauhan

Raaga, the magical blend of Indian classical music and Indian Cinema...

समय से पहले नहीं पकेंगे बाल: आँवला और उसके प्राकृतिक उपयोग

Health story written by Rockying

Use Aamla in these Ayurvedic remedies to treat all your hair problems including pre-mature...

They Lived, They Fought for the Nation and Died; India's Legendary Freedom Fighters (Do We Really Know Them?)

Awareness story written by Rockying

They fought and died for the sake of us. 10 unknown India's Legendary Freedom Fighters. Do we really even know them?

Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations to Visit in Italy

Travel story written by Neha Singh [Guest Post]

It’s a magical country, full of lakes and mountains and enough art to keep you happy for...

10 Exhilarating Destinations Every Girl-gang must Explore in Europe

Travel story written by Prince Kapoor [Guest Post]

Longing for that girls-trip you always planned to do but could never really decide on the destination? Fret not, girl, we are going to tell you about the best trip you will ever take with your girlfriends...

Did You Know these Facts about Indian Independence? Tell us Now!

Awareness story written by Rockying

Read about 8 surprising and unknown facts about India's Independence and the truth behind the history that you think you know.

This Independence Day, get Pumped with these New-age Patriotic Hindi Songs

Music story written by Rockying

There is something about our feelings for the nation. It's like I could burst with Bollywood patriotism listening to these New-age Patriotic Hindi Songs on this Independence day.

India's Spoofy Entertainment; The Most Hilarious Hindi Song-Parodies floating Around the Internet

Internet story written by Rockying

A spoof is nothing but a parody sometimes done for comedy and sometimes (mostly, these days) for sarcasm. And if you are aware of the genre, you know how...

Indian National Flag Quiz

Awareness story written by Raj Kiran Singh

The flag of the Republic of India represents the sentiment and nature of the people of the republic. It became the official flag of Free India on 15 August 1947. We have created a quiz for you to test your knowledge of the Tirangaa

Getting Away: Explore Vietnam’s Out of the World Hiking Getaways

Travel story written by Analisse Weathers [Guest Post]

Vietnam is full of hiking getaways that will bring you peace of mind. Majestic highland valleys, terraced rice paddies, dramatic mountain paths and remarkable underneath towering limestone mountain ranges are the...

Wear Designer Sunglasses and Protect Your Eyes in Style

Fashion story written by Ashly William

Wearing protective sunglasses is mandatory after Lasik surgery to protect your eyes from dust. Read on how to protect your eyes with designer sunglasses...

Baby’s Growth and Development Milestones: 0-6 months

Life story written by Akanksha Bajaj

It is such a special feeling to see your child grow and blossom. Every day, your baby learns something new...

These could Literally Save Your Life Abroad; Top 10 Travel Tips for that Dream Foreign Trip

Travel story written by Abhyank Srinet [Guest Post]

Read our 10 travel tips required before any international trip, that you should bear in mind, before travelling abroad, for these could save your life.

There is no Way You are Right about these 12 Most Basic Facts About the World. Are You?

Awareness story written by Team Rockying

Do you know that the life expectancy of the world today is 70 years? The number for India being 68. The largest driving factor in life expectancy isn't the longevity of a country's oldest citizens but...

ऋषि की साइकिल

Kids story written by Manu

Rishi Ki Cycle

लेगो का डिब्बा

Kids story written by Manu

Missing Lego Box of Rishi

पापा की दूरबीन

Kids story written by Manu

??? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????? ????? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ???? - ???? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ?? ??? ???? ???

Isabel Glasser

Hollywood story written by Angel Licerio

Isabel Glasser is an American actress who appeared in many Hollywood movies and TV shows. Pure Country, the 1992 romance blockbuster was her big break in the industry.

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